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Reducing manual labor through business process automation.

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Turning data into strategic insights for decision-making.

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Enhancing operational efficiency to increase profitability.

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Customizing client interactions for a unique experience.

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Enhance internal processes: from automating training and document verification to scoring interviews during mass hiring.

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Ensuring the security of your information and client base with software solutions that won't resign or join competitors.

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Your new digital colleagues who don't ask for coffee
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Assembling the puzzles of your business without unnecessary details
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Turning "impossible" into "already done"
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I was skeptical about integrating a bot-psychologist into my daily practice and was convinced that only a human could understand another human in a moment of psychological trauma. However, curiosity about new technologies prompted me to try the bot myself. Honestly, I was amazed! The AI approaches the initial interview with sensitivity and attentiveness, provides support from the first minutes of conversation, clearly formulates the clients' extensive requests, and structures the verbal emotional flow. At my request, additional functionality was implemented, and now I regularly use the bot-psychologist: it's my assistant and advisor. I entrust it with the initial diagnosis, and after the first interview, I receive a brief description of the problem, recommendations, and a client profile. Now I can take on more clients, leaving my AI to manage records, structure sessions, and plan future meetings. Thanks to the development team, excellent job!

I deal with the import of electronic components, a segment that is currently booming. The number of inquiries was increasing, but processing them, even with an integrated CRM system, took a lot of time. There were 'abandoned' requests, and dialogue with clients was not maintained, managers simply waited, the chief procurement officer focused on expensive BOMs without considering the potential of smaller orders. I decided to start by using AI to analyze incoming inquiries and issued quotations. Immediately, there was a result — 21% of orders had not been processed at all. Then, developers added the preparation of supplier inquiries and the formation of quotations with reporting. Now my main CPO is AI. It controls the request from inquiry to client feedback, with no limitations on incoming traffic. And the cherry on top — AI will never take the client base away. There's room for development, the team responds instantly, asking what else can be done. I like everything.


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