Business Process Automation Using AI

Reducing Manual Labor

In the modern business world, where every minute counts, business process automation is becoming not just a trend, but a necessity. This is especially true for trading organizations, where the efficiency of processing requests, interacting with suppliers, and managing data can significantly enhance competitiveness and profitability. We offer advanced automation solutions based on generative AI that help reduce manual labor and optimize business processes.

Examples of Automation Implementation

One of our projects - the automation of processing requests for equipment and materials supply - vividly illustrates the potential of automation. We have developed modules based on generative AI that not only standardize and automate request processing but also create a convenient infrastructure for managers:

  • Request Processing Automation: AI assistants analyze incoming requests, classify them, and automatically generate standardized responses, significantly reducing data preparation time.
  • Supplier Database: A centralized and structured database speeds up the process of selecting optimal supply options, enhancing the efficiency of managers.
  • Web Service with Personal Account: The platform provides a convenient interface for managing requests, selecting suppliers, and working with documentation, integrating with AI modules and the supplier database.
Benefits of Automation

Business process automation brings significant benefits:

  • Process Acceleration: Reducing the time for processing requests and managing documentation.
  • Cost Reduction: Minimizing manual labor and errors, reducing operational costs.
  • Increased Accuracy: Improving the quality of data processing and reducing the likelihood of errors through automation.

We are proud of the results of our clients who have implemented our solutions. For example, a trading organization specializing in equipment supply reduced the time for processing requests by 75% and increased the accuracy of product selection for clients, thanks to the implementation of our request processing automation system.



Business process automation based on generative AI opens up new opportunities for the development and optimization of trading organizations' operations. We are ready to help you implement these solutions so you can focus on growing and developing your business. Learn more about our services and start your journey into the world of automation today.

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