Our Projects: Innovation in Action

Discover how our AI solutions lead to success across various industries

Automation of Reporting с помощью искуственного интеллекта
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Automation of Reporting

Developed a tool based on generative AI for automating the creation of reports and analytical reviews, significantly reducing data preparation time.

Intelligent Data Analysis с помощью искуственного интеллекта
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Intelligent Data Analysis

Created a system that uses AI to process and interpret large volumes of data, providing valuable insights and improving strategic planning.

Innovative Content Generation с помощью искуственного интеллекта
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Innovative Content Generation

Implemented a project for creating unique content using generative AI, providing clients with fast generation of high-quality texts for technical documentation and marketing materials, significantly speeding up the creation and publication processes.

Business Analyst Bot с помощью искуственного интеллекта
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Business Analyst Bot

Developed an innovative AI bot designed to analyze business processes and suggest optimization solutions, easing pre-contract work and demonstrating potential AI applications in the company.

AI Psychologist Bot с помощью искуственного интеллекта
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AI Psychologist Bot

Developed an advanced AI bot designed to provide psychological support and consultations, enabling accessible help to users 24/7 and demonstrating the depth of understanding of natural language and empathy by our AI systems.

AI Assistant с помощью искуственного интеллекта
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AI Assistant

Implemented as a multifunctional AI assistant, equipped with memory and the ability to perform deep data analysis, create diagrams and graphs, and integrate with Wolfram Alpha to provide extensive scientific information.

Foreign Trade Expert с помощью искуственного интеллекта

Foreign Trade Expert

Successfully developed and further trained an AI bot for consulting on the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity (TN VED) of the EAEU, providing up-to-date consultations on current legislation.

Procurement Expert с помощью искуственного интеллекта

Procurement Expert

AI assistant in preparing commercial offers automates the search for current prices considering exchange rates and independently selects alternatives for goods and services, significantly increasing the chances of successful delivery.