Basic Solutions

Automate, AI, this

Active participation in tenders
Smart analysis and automated submission

Problem: Labor-intensive search and analysis of suitable tenders, preparation of documentation.

Solution: AI processes information from various tender platforms and government registries, automatically highlights suitable tenders, prepares tender documentation.

Output: List of suitable tenders, ready tender documentation.

Intelligent corporate email management
Everything under AI control

Problem: Volumes of work correspondence, need for risk analysis, legal assessment.

Solution: AI analyzes incoming and outgoing emails, automatically creates tasks, prepares recommendations and legal assessments.

Output: Automatically created tasks, recommendations for employees, legal assessments.

Accurate project cost estimation
Optimization of budget calculation and commercial proposal preparation

Problem: Labor-intensive and complex cost estimation, preparation of budgets and commercial proposals.

Solution: AI analyzes data from past projects, market rates, and materials, automatically forms budgets and commercial proposals.

Output: Budgets, commercial proposals.

Team performance monitoring via Telegram
Efficiency at its peak

Problem: Difficulty in collecting reports, motivating and monitoring task execution.

Solution: AI via Telegram requests reports from employees, conducts task execution analysis, identifies errors and deviations.

Output: Analytical report on team performance, recommendations for process optimization.

Strategic project planning
A step ahead with a schedule-plan

Problem: Difficulty in project planning, accounting for risks and key events.

Solution: AI generates project schedule-plans, automatically highlights key events and risks.

Output: Schedule-plans, list of risks and key events.

Document autogeneration
Fast and accurate documents

Problem: Time and resources spent on document preparation.

Solution: AI automatically creates and updates acts, invoices, bills based on current project data, generates additional agreements, job descriptions, internal documents.

Output: Ready-to-use documents.

Assistant for strategic decisions
Analyze and succeed

Problem: Making informed decisions based on a large volume of data.

Solution: AI analyzes current projects, identifies risks and opportunities for business expansion, provides recommendations.

Output: Analytical reports, recommendations for optimization and development.

Content automation
Your corporate website in real-time

Problem: The need for regular content updates on the website and social networks.

Solution: AI automatically generates and publishes news, project updates, articles on the corporate website and social networks.

Output: Social media posts, articles, and news on the corporate website.